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Wishlist [May. 23rd, 2014|03:34 pm]
Otaku's Wish List

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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for the following( all in english)
Soul Eater Not! (any volumes)
Sailor Moon volume 11 & 12 (2013-14 kodansha release)
Umineko Volume 2 & up
Spice and Wolf Novels ( any volumes)

I'm also looking for Umineko and Spice & Wolf goods of any kind.

I'm in the US and can pay with PayPal. 
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Shingeki no Kyojin BL Doujinshi [Mar. 9th, 2014|05:34 pm]
Otaku's Wish List

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Hi, I have a couple of doujinshi I'd really like to buy.

If someone is going to this year's Haru Comic City, there are some from the pixiv artist Ako. They have some geat Eren /Jean doujinshi. (The username on pixiv says they're in A04b) http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?id=630986&tag=%E3%82%A8%E3%83%AC%E3%82%B8%E3%83%A3%E3%83%B3

Family Box
Family Box 2

Other doujin (though I don't know whether they're at Haru Comic City) I'm interested in would be:

Plus Alpha (プラスアルファ from the circle Kitakazehakushaku (北風伯爵) /Meme) (Eren/Jean)
紺色に薫る (the circle is ROOOSY, also ErenJean) http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=39166521

I'm in Austria and can pay with PayPal. I can also offer some Hetalia and Summer Wars doujinshi for trade.
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Yaoi Manga Wanted [Mar. 9th, 2014|10:40 am]
Otaku's Wish List

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I'm looking for any deals on the following yaoi manga and manga sets (in English) pictured below:

That Was Good by CJ Michalski
Seven Days: Friday - Sunday (or as a set with Seven Days: Monday - Thursday) by Venio Tachibana and Rihito Takarai
Hey! Class President Vol 2 and 3 (as a set Vol 1-3+) by Kaori Monchi

I'd appreciate it if photos are provided of these yaoi manga as I'd like to see their condition. No stock photos, please.

Feel free to contact me here in the comments or PM.

Thank You.
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LOOKING for Skip Beat and Baby and Me manga series english [Mar. 2nd, 2014|03:18 pm]
Otaku's Wish List

Baby and Me v1 - 18
Skip Beat 1 - 24 +

I live in canada toronto if you're willing to ship here.
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Looking to buy: Sailor Moon Musical Pencil Board [Feb. 28th, 2014|10:11 pm]
Otaku's Wish List


I'm looking for the Sailor Moon Kakyuu Ouhi Kourin musical pencil board, if anyone is selling!
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Code Geass [Feb. 25th, 2014|11:41 am]
Otaku's Wish List

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I am looking for any and all Code Geass doujinshi novels by Archaeopteryx. In addition to not having much money, I can not read Japanese, but I am trying to learn. So, I am not looking to pay much for novels. However, I would really, really like to have them as I pursue the great language! If you have any you want to unload, please send me a message!

I also have a wish list here:


Thank you!
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Buying manga [Feb. 15th, 2014|06:39 pm]
Otaku's Wish List

Hello Everyone. I'm looking to purchase the following manga:

• Muhyo to Roji
• Nogami Neuro
• Natsume Yuujinchou
• One Piece
• Prince of Tennis
• Manga by Mishima Kazuhiko
• Manga by Naono Bohra

Looking for all of these in Japanese. In the case of series like Neuro which have renewal/omnibus versions, I am only looking for the original printing versions (though printing number does not matter).

I'm only interested in volumes that have very minimal or no damages.
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(no subject) [Jan. 20th, 2014|09:46 pm]
Otaku's Wish List

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Hello everyone!

I'm looking for the following:

-Kingdom Hearts posters
-Pokemon posters
-Final Fantasy XII
-Drakengard 2
-Sylveon merch
-Bandai "Smile Precure" keychains
-SEGA "Tokyo Mew Mew" keychains
-Princess Tutu DVD Complete Series/Collection

I'm in the US and can pay with PayPal. 
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(no subject) [Jan. 18th, 2014|02:15 am]
Otaku's Wish List

Does anyone know of any artists who make customized/OOAK chibi figures (like the size of a Nendoroid Petite) and are taking commissions at the moment?
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LOOKING FOR YAOI MANGA [Jan. 8th, 2014|02:37 am]
Otaku's Wish List

Hi guys,
I'm currently looking for :
- No Touching At All by Yoneda Kou (published by Junemanga, english)
- Close The Last Door vol 2  by Yamada Yugi, english (if you have vol 1+2 for this manga, it will be ok too)

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