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Otaku's WishList

Otaku's Wish List
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Post your anime manga related wishlists here!!!

Post your anime/manga wishlist here !!!

DO NOT promote your sales here unless you have a wishlist post up front and that (sale) info is inside a cut. The only exception is when you know someone posted wishlist awhile ago but can't remember the exact date and now you happen to have the items on their wishlist then you can make a post saying that you have the items on their wishlist but you must specify what the items are.

You can post only if you have a wishlist and if you want to show others what you have, please put your trade/sale list under a cut.

No exceptions! If a MOD replies and you have not fixed the post within 24 hours your post will be removed!

~☆~ This community is for posting wishlists only ~☆~

* As a seller you can watch out for wishlists that have the stuff you're selling or trading.
* As a buyer you can post your anime/manga wishlist here.

☆ Scammer info ☆

To make both buyers and sellers aware that scammers will be tracked a bit I would like to announce there is now a section to report them! Hopefully this will keep the group and the members safe. *IF YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED INSIDE Otaku Wishlist* --> Please report them here!!

☆ Rules ☆

~☆ Trans must be from Otaku only. (At this time) Example: If you had problem on Serasell they have their own scammer listing.
~☆ NO "I HEARD" Posts. Unless you have proof!!
~☆ NO flame wars!! Just post the facts.
~☆ If you have a complaint against someone on a transaction then please contact them FIRST. If you still can't fix the problem & it's legit. Then add it to the group post!!

☆ How to post ☆

* Scammer name (or multiple names)
* Transaction date
* Transaction details
* What has been done to contact that person
* If you have an outcome (solution) like paypal refunded you ect.. Please note that as well.
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